Holder Perks

Dscvr.one- Colorful writing at gated portals, community perks.

ICPad- Priority access to token earning opportunities.

Crowdeats- Boost in reputation for larger token rewards.

Modclub- Bonus at token earning opportunities and more in future.

Canistore- Early access to NFT sales, community perks.

Portal- Priority utilities in future, community perks.

Catalyze- Guaranteed drop of Catalyze tokens and community perks.

Mecasso- Utilities in future, community perks.

BOBNft's- Utilities in future, community perks.


Cosmicraft- Special ships, bonus powers and utilities.

Drip- Drip Tunes, Astronaut themed activities and staking bonuses

ICPSquad- Astronaut themed activities and bonus utilities.

ICards- Limited drop of cards to Astronaut holders.